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Textuers pack #1

contains a total 25 combined and raw textures

11 combined textures are not totally created by me. Credits are in the text file. Hpwever, i did heavy editing and combined some textures to create new ones

14 raw textures that are created by me

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don’t redistribute. on instagram? credit us by tagging @.textuers in the picture.


download it here

Woah these are incredibly beautiful!



About this theme:

Minimal theme which looks good in photography/personal blogs. The theme can be customized to 400/500px posts. The topbar consists of 5 main links 2 in which is divided by sublinks. In main link 2 and 3, 15 and 6 sublinks have already been added, respectively. Mainlinks two and three can have a dozen of sublinks that can be added in the code itself. 

[!] the message box requires the url of the user. in the “Your username” option, you should place your username (ex: myusername) (from myusername.tumblr.com) to access the message box.

(Static preview 500px) | (Static preview 400px)

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pastebin | tinypaste


[Revamped Theme #3 - Checkmate]

Preview || Code


  • 400/500 Size Posts
  • Fading Images
  • Grayscale Images with Color Hover
  • Infinite Scrolling Option 
  • 8 Custom Links with Hiding Option
  • Show Captions/Tags
  • Version 2 / Show CustomLinks Options
  • Subtitle Option.
  • Sidebar Image Width should be or more than 230px.


  • Yukoki is a big inspiration to me!! <3<3.
  • Original images belong to by 姫束級.
  • Music: Childhood Memories ( Kuroshitsuji Live Action OST )


by effiestrinkets

  • In celebration of 5k followers I’ve put together a pack of all my favourite textures! :)
  • Note that none of these were made by me. I have named each texture with the source + which of their texture packs you can find it in.
  • 210 medium/large textures. (Most are 500+px width)
  • Please like/reblog if you download. :)
  • ZIP / RAR

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lengthy hiatus I’ve been on, gonna start being more active here! Life has been crazy and it’s hard to keep up with everything… blargh. But thanks for bearing with me! You are all wonderful. :3

7 months ago | 10
Anonymous asked:
What theme are you currently using?

a theme i created specifically for this blog~ =w=

7 months ago | 1
merrimackery asked:
I have your theme Xeno installed, and I love it! Except I think the Ask box is broken? It says when you click on it 'URL could not be found'. And also I have no idea where the pagnation is, thanks for the help and the great theme!

Pagination should be on either side of the sidebar, and you can enable your ask box by going into the tumblr settings for your blog : )

7 months ago | 0
dickchateau asked:
hey i was wondering if i could take the archive link off and change the ask title?? Could you help me with this?

Sure you could take the archive link off or change the ask title, although I don’t help with the customizing of my themes any longer. You can change the title of your ask by going into your blog’s settings, though!

7 months ago | 0
Anonymous asked:
what does the index do and do i need it?

The index just links back to the home page of your blog, and no you could change it if you really wanted to!

7 months ago | 0
Anonymous asked:
Hi Jackie! I just wanted to say thank you for all these awesome themes. I really like them and the only problem I have with them, is which one to pick! :D

omg you are too precious vbdjksbgs thank you so much!! :3 I hope you’ll be able to choose one! hehe

7 months ago | 1