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sabrin-ugh asked:
hi, Im using your wildflowers theme but I cant find the music player?

Hello! I’m confused, what do you mean? There’s a music player for when you reblog audio posts, but there isn’t a built in one for just the blog in general..

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Updates Tab #4 by wonderfullythemes

This is the one I’m using on my main blog (as of 16/10/2014)

Static Preview

Code #1 (jQuery) - paste above your meta tags

Code #2 (CSS) - paste above {CustomCSS}</style>

Code #3 (HTML) - paste below </head><body>

  • no stealing/copying the idea/redistributing/claiming as your own/removing the credit/using as a base
  • like/reblog if using!
  • please link anyone who asks to me thanks c:
  • click the title and your updates slide down
  • um that’s p much it tbh
  • colours + text customizable from the HTML, I’ve included all relevant comments :)
  • Ctrl + F “lostatsea” and you’ll find everything

If you have any trouble editing then send me an ask! Check out the +Theme Gang, +Theme Village, +thmresources and +HTML Wizards for more :D

trickstualconjectreats asked:
hey im using yr robbers theme and i was just wondering if u could help me out a little? i removed the top links over the description and title banner bc i couldn't find a text colour to work well and replaced the credit and "key" links on the sidelinks bar. when i removed the top links the sidelinks moved to the top of the page which is okay aesthetically but i would like if they could extend from the scrollbar on my description? is there a way i could do that? thanks

Hello, I’m sorry but I do not help with the customization/code editing of my own themes. Sorry! 

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Anonymous asked:
What theme do you use?

one I made specifically for this blog ^^

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zayn / taylor / dylan / perrie / jade / jesy / demi / selena / miley / holland / crystal / emma / kristen / amanda / lily.


#332b4a | #55326e | #8785bc | #7fdfed | #dcf1ea

xvdova asked:
hey there! i am using your robbers theme and i've run into a bit of an issue. i want to have tags displayed on the main page, but when i enable tags and then click on a permalink it shows the tags twice. i've tried going through the coding a bit but i see 2 entries for tags a 2 for permalink so i'm not sure which to remove D:

Hi there! i fixed the issue, and updated the codes! you can get theme here.

It seems like you’ve done a bunch of other edits to the code, so this will change anything new that’s been coded (not your links or color settings if chosen through the regular customization page, though) so if you are looking to just take this out of the codes to correct the issue, look for this towards the bottom of the codes:


You want to change that whole section to be as follows:

<div id=”perminfo”>
<span style=”background-color:{color:Entry BG};color:{color:Text};padding:4px;padding-bottom:0px;”>
<a href=”{Permalink}”>{TimeAgo}</a> — {block:RebloggedFrom} <a href=”{ReblogParentURL}”>via</a>{/block:RebloggedFrom} {block:ContentSource}<a href=”{SourceURL}”><a href=”{SourceURL}”>(src)</a>{/block:ContentSource}{block:RebloggedFrom} <a href=”{ReblogParentURL}” target=”_blank”></a>{/block:RebloggedFrom} with {NoteCountWithLabel}</a</span>
{block:PostNotes}<div id=”notes”><left>{PostNotes}</div>{/block:PostNotes}

I made some other updates to the codes too, though (like cleaning up the notes section) so it may be best to redownload the codes and then just swap out whatever you’ve changed previously, if that makes sense? ^^

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Colors palette number 002 by grungecolors. Like or reblog if you use. Remember to never claim or redistribute as your own. You can request resource here and see more here. I hope you enjoy!

(Source: resourcesroom)



  • Please respect my work, be a original And don’t copy or inspire in our resources! This pack contains 10 textures graphics in HQ quality, all found by me, i hope you like and use! thanks and download this xx


A lot of people have been asking where I find some of my resources from lately, so I thought I’d create a masterlist of where I find them. These are resources that I personally recommend or have found helpful, I’m not saying they’re the only good ones. Most of these are linked to the main page out of respect and so you can check the TOU of the creator. This will be updated as often as possible.

benzioracixthcocoronieobseosettudisexcolofukuogyapoitanukrisyeolladmilklchibanmuishikininpennunmuripohrororamyeonssakuranesenbeiistarious; tsunchieyeoli; yobeoyukokiyume-okadazeloid;

Coding Help/Tutorials;
buildthemescodyshermandynamicdriveettudisiamaguide; themesbyerisw3schools;

asterism; bitmapdreams; chuempty-cage; engrampixel; kintani; petitsweets; pixel-diary; pixeliettepixelpaw; purinpuu; stewlate;

General Resources;
ahjussischaoticresourcesitsphotoshopnanresourcesphotoshopaddictpscs5; resourceshunter; shadowplay; wehearttutorialsyeahps; yourphotoshop;

Graphics Help/Tutorials;
ariagrandedoredosexolutelyfuckyeahtemplatesfyeahtutorialfytutorialskimyngsuloupettesneverlands; taesunamotaeyanq; unfbigbang; winterkiss;

ajikajibambislaughtercharmsalloverclassiquecolordrunkandcoloring; elenoirpsdsexolutelyforyourwishimariaroainvasionomercyjaehoskcolorkokorocolorskpsdspiessdiprettylittlecoloringsseolilihyunshiningcloud19starkiconstaeminleestoukiewaretoteyar1yeahphotoshop;

99mockingbirdscrazykiraresourcesfqzpockyinvasionomercyjaehos; masterjinnnortherndawnplanetsbendbetweenusplaschkareduxshizoosorrydeariesuitetexturestextureporntexturesquewickedfateyunheyunyunsarang;