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Anonymous asked:
Hello ! I wanted to use yout Ulquiorra theme but when I did, I noticed that the 100x100 image I posted resized and became bigger. Is there a way to make them stay 100x100 ? Sorry if my English is bad, it's no my first language.

Hi, yes sorry about that! Here’s a link to the updated codes, which will fix this problem :3

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Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry for the inconvenience... >< But, er-- Did you change your theme recently? Last time I was here I believe I had heard some sort of piano melody coming from the music player. If so, what song[s] were they? If I'm wrong then excuse me...

I changed my theme about a month or two ago, but the music still remains in the top left corner! It’s just not on autoplay. I think I had something earlier that was different, but it was only for a split second. The song up right now is ‘We Washed Texas’, a St. South remix of a Bon Iver song c:

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robingurl asked:
On one of your themes you have it where you hover and it shows the tags and the option to reblog ...but on others you don't. How does a visitor click on the blog entry to reblog to respond or favorite?

You click on the permalink, mainly where it says the time the post was made or how many notes there are. Clicking on either of those two options will bring you to the permalink page, where you can like/reblog the post.

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Anonymous asked:
Is moving credit to a different page allowed?

yes that is fine : )

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helix theme
live preview & codes: black and white version / colored version

info / features / options:

  • infinite scrolling
  • tags on index page
  • up to 4 custom links
  • monochrome filter on posts
  • music player
  • sidebar image (100 x 100)



12 large textures made by me.

also includes a tardis texture thanks to Lion!

please like/reblog if downloading, thank you!

mf download

box - googledoc // like/reblog if you download them, thank you!

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st0nedbatman-deactivated2014033 asked:
Hi, I installed your theme "Mangetsu" and I like it a lot. First I would like to show the tags in the permalink, and I would like the # symbol to show and the tags be displayed in all caps.I would also like to make the text slightly bigger and be able to change the font. I would like "back to top" button. If you would get back to me and tell me where to edit these things in the HTML, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, your work is great. Please reply privately.

Hi! I no longer help with the editing of my themes, so I won’t be able to customize Mangetsu for you.. but I will say that, because of the small post size with three columns, the area to have the permalink in is limited, so squeezing tags in there will be somewhat hard to do. You’d have to create separate CSS codes for the tags, and then merge them with the #permalink codes within the html section for them to show up. There are also separate tumblr codes for showing tags.

You can make the text larger by finding #entries { within the CSS and changing the font size, and also the font-family if you have a different font in mind. I don’t have any back to top buttons nor do I have the script for making that button, but you may be able to find it on another theme maker’s blog, or within theme-hunter's blog. I hope this helps. c:

athame-lorraine-bluefox asked:
I just want to say that your Themes are absolutely stunning, i'm using your Theme 17: Heartless. Please keep up the beautiful job.~

AGHHH thank you so much! That means soo so much to me :3 I’m really glad you like them!

lispstein asked:
I saw the "Why Donate?" link on your page, and I was shocked to find it was for top surgery for your friend. I love your themes, and I would donate if I was not trying to save up for the same surgery at the cost of $9,000. I wish all the best to your friend.

Aww, well thank you so much! I wish you all the best too, and I really hope you’re able to save up that $9,000 soon! It’s definitely a lot of money to come up with! ><

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