11.11.13 - Heartless Theme 10.18.13 - Andare Theme 09.14.13 - Mayonaka (Redo)
CREDITS:  Pretty much anyone who has ever posted a masonry tutorial ever, and inovandohtml for inspiration and code reference in terms of the pretty sidelinks effect. Refer to this page for sidebar/background texture credits. :3


✖ Second title
✖ Monochrome Posts
✖ Two or Three Columns (250px post size)
✖ Music Player
✖ 3 Custom Links 

First grid theme! It took a really long time for me to figure out how masonry works and to make sure there were absolutely no problems (hopefully I didn’t just jynx myself!) so I really really hope you like it! It’s named Mangetsu, or Full Moon in English. There’s an option to have monochrome posts, another row of posts, a second title underneath the main title, and I’ve also included the music player as it is presented in the live preview (attached to the sidebar). 

If you have another player you’d like to use, just deselect the music player option. If you’re not sure how to put music into this player in particular, refer to this post.